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Fake News & Digital Media Literacy: Deepfakes and AI-Fabricated Images and Videos

Understanding Deepfakes and AI-Fabricated Images

Deepfakes and AI-Fabricated Images and Videos

Deepfakes are fabricated videos or photographs, often created by superimposing a new face or new audio on an individual in order to portray a public figure doing or saying something that they did not do. Watch this short video to see an example of a deepfake.

This video was created by DiepNep.

Deepfakes Can Have a Serious Impact... How Can You Sort What is Real From What is Fake?

Deepfakes Can Have a Serious Impact... How Can You Sort What is Real from What is Fake?

Although deepfakes are not a new issue, improvements in AI technology will increase the dangers of this form of misinformation. When paired with the rapid dissemination of information over social media, deepfakes can quickly have economic, social, and political impacts. For example, a fake image of an explosion near the Pentagon circulated on social media in early 2023 and quickly led to an upset in the stock market. Although the quality and believability of deepfakes continue to improve, fake videos and images can usually be spotted by looking carefully for imperfections and context clues. The below video from "Above the Noise" helps explain some of the clues that you can look for when spotting deepfakes.

This video was created by "Above the Noise," a PBS program.

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"In Event of Moon Disaster' in all capital font

Learn More About Deepfakes

Learn more about deepfakes and test your ability to recognize misinformation techniques with MIT's "In Event of Moon Disaster," a short film that concludes with an interactive quiz testing your knowledge.

AI-Generated News

AI-Generated News

As artificial intelligence technology continues to improve, the quantity and quality of AI-generated content and websites grow.

Fact-Checking Photos and Videos

Fact-Checking Photos and Videos

Like text-based information, images and videos can be evaluated using a few simple tips and tricks. See the Verifying Images and Videos section of this guide to learn more.

Try to Spot AI-Generated Faces

Test Yourself

Test Yourself: Which Faces Were Made by A.I.? This interactive quiz from The New York Times tests your ability to recognize AI-generated faces. If you do not already have an account, you can register for a free account with The New York Times using your CMU email address.

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